I have been around the gaming community for 15+ years... The hardest part of finding a clan, in my opinion, finding someone to give you a chance, and to get noticed. This is why we developed Absolute Clans. We created it, because we know how many people there are out there that always want a fresh start and they need help with that to get their name out there, or for a clan to get their name out there to grow. 

At this point we realised, there must be a better way... Wouldn't it be great if there was a single searchable portal for all clans that spans all consoles/games? I longed for a tool that would connect me with all the clans I could ever need in a consistent and easy way.

Then that was when Absolute Clans was born.


Browse our extensive list of clans and filter by game, console, member base, and more. 


Create your clan profile and boost your exposure. Learn more on how to promote yourself to players and increase your member-base below.




Advertising on Absolute Clans is easy.


But first, why would I do it here?


If recruiting is a main goal of yours, then you want your clan to get as many views as possible on a daily basis. With Absolute Clans, we offer unique advertising for your clan which can help get more views.


We also offer a voting system. In short, the more people that vote for your clan, the higher the clan will get on the toplist for more players to see.


If you browse around our site, you'll notice various spots where you see "sponsored" clans. These "spots" can be rented by the week to gain more views from our always-growing user base.


What do I get?


You get your clan placed as a sponsored clan in a designated area on our website for a week (7 days).


With this, you will also get increased traffic to your post, and obviously more traffic to your Discord, or Website.


How do I purchase it?


Simply go to 'Buy a Premium Membership', after your clan is made. Then, select how many week you'd like to purchase! It's that simple! 

Thank you!